Long Live the Orange League!

Meet the Orange League! While their motto is 'Protecting the Bed, One Nap at a Time', they do so much more. Benny is the action hero - he fetches, he leads me to the food dish and makes sure it isn't empty, he rearranges the countertops and pictures on the wall, and he purrs all the while. His brother, Jerry, a fellow adoptee from the Humane Society, couldn't be more different. Jerry's jobs include staring at people until they're unnerved, waking me up in the morning, and keeping the bed warm by sleeping on it.  Tommy is the newest addition to the League. He came in to the hospital as an injured stray two years ago, but quickly became a brother to Ben and Jerry. Tommy's important roles in the League include keeping an eye on things outside, washing my hands, and keeping my lap warm. He is also a frequent bed-warming companion to Jerry.

While all of these jobs are important, what makes Ben, Jerry, and Tommy true superheroes is the love, laughter, and companionship they provide every day. Long live the Orange League!