Mandy May and Buddybear: Two Very Special Stories about Paw It Forward

First, let us introduce you to Mandy May, a darling little 14 week old Shih-Poo puppy. Mandy May has the biggest, fullest and most loving personality. In spite of being only about three and a half pounds, she lights up any room she is in. Mandy May did not have the best start in life. She was rescued from a North Asheville home where conditions were terrible and she did not receive the care she needed. When rescued, Mandy May was malnourished and half the size of her littermates, and her survival was questionable.  

Mandy May’s story of how she became available for adoption is a great example of why Animal Hospital of North Asheville does not charge for services for sick and injured animals presented by Asheville Humane Society and why we are asking for donations to help Asheville Humane Society rescue and continue to help other dogs like Mandy May.

On March 24th, Asheville Humane Society received a call from Asheville Animal Services with details on an animal cruelty case. From the information they had received, Animal Services was expecting to need to take into custody 19 dogs, all Shih Tzus, from a North Asheville residence. Due to the large number of dogs to be seized, Animal Services asked Asheville Humane Society for help. Once the warrants were served and Animal Services was permitted to enter the residence, they found far more dogs than expected: 55 Shih Tzus, Poodles, and mixes of the two! These dogs were frightened, under-socialized, and many were in terrible condition to the point of having feces-matted fur and urine burns all over their bodies. Several of the dogs were in need of critical medical care. The most severely injured and ill dog passed away within hours, even though he was immediately brought to Animal Hospital of North Asheville and we did everything we could to save him. The dogs who did not require hospitalization were taken into the Buncombe County Animal Shelter where the wonderful Asheville Humane Society staff and volunteers gave each dog an exam, weighed them, vaccinated them, treated them for external and internal parasites, spayed and neutered them, and gave any further medical care needed. Weeks later, after much needed TLC including baths, grooming (most needed complete shaving due to their severely matted coats), behavior enrichment and socialization, these dear little dogs were ready to find their forever homes.  Unfortunately, they could not be put up for adoption until Asheville Humane Society was able to win the long custody battle that was necessary to get ownership of the dogs. Finally, on April 30th, AHS hosted an “Oodles of Shih-Poodles” adoption event where all the Shih-Poos found their loving forever homes. To read the full Shih-Poo rescue:

Mandy May, who managed to survive the worst of conditions as a baby, was saved by the care provided by Asheville Humane Society, so her story is an example of why we encourage you to donate to Paw It Forward by June 15th. Donations help with the cost of rescuing, treating and giving dogs like these and so many wonderful pets a chance at a new and loving life. Giving dogs and cats who suffer cruelty and neglect a chance for a better life requires a lot of care, time and rehabilitation, which costs money!  Please help by donating to our AHNA Paw It Forward team.  We are truly grateful that so many of our clients want to donate to Asheville Humane Society because we know the money will help other needy pets like Mandy May.

We are blessed to be able to see the special bonds that form between these dear pets and the families who adopt and love them. During this Paw It Forward fundraiser we have really enjoyed hearing all the wonderful stories that people tell us about their rescued pets and what wonderful pets they are. The unconditional love of these needy pets is amazing.

Now, let us introduce you to dear, sweet Buddybear, a very special dog whose huge smile was contagious. He had the softest ears and the coolest purple tongue which he frequently showed off with that great smile. Very gentle and sweet, he was known for his mild and caring manner. Buddybear loved life and everyone in it.  He enjoyed everything to the fullest, whether he was relaxing in the sun, playing in the woods or sharing his love and affection with everyone he met. Although Buddybear was not adopted from a shelter, his exact breeding was unknown. He appeared to be part yellow Labrador and part Chow or Shar Pei. Whatever the mix of breeds was, he was 100% perfect! Buddybear’s dad, Craig Martinkus, has had many wonderful canine companions in his family over the years, but there was something extra special about Buddybear. We could see it too, the first time we met him. He was a loyal and loving best friend, possibly an angel in another life. Now Buddybear is once again an angel, watching over Craig and other loved ones, and helping needy animals. Craig overheard us asking for donations for Paw It Forward and very generously donated in memory of and to honor the exemplary life of his loving companion, Buddybear, who recently passed away.

Not only did Craig and Buddybear share an amazing friendship bond and a love and respect for all animals, they shared the same birthday too!

Craig, like Buddybear, has a big heart. He made a very generous and considerable donation to Team Animal Hospital of North Asheville’s Paw It Forward Campaign from Buddybear to help all the furry friends out there who are struggling and in need of help.  As a huge animal lover, Craig understands the need to help support great organizations, such as Asheville Humane Society, who care for and strive to make the lives of our community’s needy animals better. All of us at AHNA were greatly moved by Craig and Buddybear's compassion for animals in need.  

The support of Team Animal Hospital of North Asheville as truly been amazing. Thank you! Donations given online and at Animal Hospital of North Asheville’s reception desk have totaled over $5000. We thank you so much for your support of Paw It Forward. No donation is too small and every donation helps a needy animal. Clients, friends and family have generously donated amounts ranging from $1 to several hundreds and even more. The Paw It Forward Campaign ends on June 15th, so please get your donations in! There is still time to join us in helping animals in need. Stop in today at AHNA, call with a credit card, or donate online to support Team Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

Remember: “The Kindness One Does for an Animal May Not Change the World...  But It Will Change the World for That One Animal.”.