More Information Now on Our Website

We are excited to announce two new features on Animal Hospital of North Asheville's website. We want our website ( to be your source for information about the hospital, pet health, and community animal events, so we are constantly updating the site. Keep reading for more information about our latest additions.

The first new feature contains all of the extensive information that is provided to participants of our Puppy Preschool. This section contains a wealth of information on puppy/dog care and behavior. It will help any pet family learn the correct way to care for and train your puppy or dog, since it is never too late for you or your pet to learn.  We have added this feature to our website to help families who are not able to join us for Puppy Preschool, families who are thinking about bringing a new pet into their family, or families looking for information on a wide variety of puppy care topics. Our goal is to have this valuable information at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format for your reference. We will soon announce new resources for kittens and cats, too. 

We are so proud of our puppies and their families who attend AHNA Puppy Preschool on Thursday nights.  Preschool is not an obedience training class but an important socialization experience. It allows puppies to play and interact with other puppies during their critical socialization period (up to 16 weeks of age). Our Preschoolers learn valuable socializing skills while playing with the other puppies, and they build confidence through positive experiences and meeting new people. It also strengthens the bond and understanding between families and their puppies as the human attendees gain valuable knowledge about normal puppy behavior and how to best guide their puppy to good behavior. The puppies are adorable and it is a lot of fun too!

When you visit our website (, scroll your mouse over “Services” and you will see a drop down menu with the name “Puppy Preschool.”  When you scroll over “Puppy Preschool” you will see another drop down menu with several topics. 

Topics include:

Welcome - an introduction to AHNA Puppy Preschool

Requirements - the list of requirements for a puppy joining Puppy Preschool

Orientation - a video that introduces socialization, how puppies learn, and how, why and when to socialize. It discusses how to read your puppy’s body language and what to do if they are scared.  It also discusses how understanding how puppies learn helps to maximize results during training. It also covers what to expect with Puppy Preschool.

Class Structure - a brief description of the class structure

Homework Handouts - each week in puppy class we have a different training tip. Articles include clicker training, “watch me,” target training, “down,” polite greeting, leash walking, how to brush your puppy’s teeth, “leave it/drop it,” trimming your puppy’s nails and teaching recalls.

Help Handouts – handouts on a variety of topics including: socialization, body language,  play styles, toys and games, recommended reading, helpful walking equipment, pet identification, do’s and don’ts with kids and dogs, dog park etiquette, puppy nipping, and overactive dogs

Trainers - links to local certified trainers we recommend, what the letters behind the trainer’s name mean, how to choose a trainer, activities for your dog to do after preschool, and alternatives to aversive training methods

Photos of Puppy Preschool - a link to weekly photos from class

Contact information - how to reach us if you are interested in joining puppy preschool

The second addition is a Behavior Events Calendar that shows upcoming Free Help Sessions held at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, along with the opportunities for paid classes on Saturdays in our Education Room at AHNA. The calendar will also contain some recommended events held outside of AHNA. The Events Calendar is located under “Services” in our website, or you can follow this link: