A New Option Now Available for Signing the Dog Park Petition: Paper Copy

The Friends of North Asheville Dog Park are very excited to have reached 1000 signatures on our petition addressed to the Mayor, City Council, and Parks and Recreation Officals of Asheville, NC. Our petition simply states:  “We want an attractive, enclosed and eco-friendly off-leash dog park in North Asheville."

1000 signatures is an important milestone, but more signatures will be even better! The number of signatures will make a big difference in how the petition is perceived by the officials, so please encourage everyone to sign. We have been collecting signatures online at change.org since late November, but Animal Hospital of North Asheville is now offering another option. We have a paper copy of the petition at our front desk and anyone who would rather sign the paper copy can drop in to sign it any time that we are open (7:30 am until 8:30 pm M-F, Saturday 8:00 am-Noon and at 4:00 pm, and Sunday at 4:00 pm). If you have not signed and want to sign the petition on change.org, it is easy to do. Go to the homepage of Animal Hospital of North Asheville’s website (ahna.net) and click on the link towards the bottom of the home page (or click this link if you want to sign now). Please tell your friends how to find the petition and encourage them to sign either at ahna.net, or come in to the front desk to sign the paper copy.

All of us at Animal Hospital of North Asheville are eager for a park where dogs can be off-leash to run and play with each other.  Dogs that have the opportunity to socialize off-leash with their own species throughout life generally have fewer serious behavior and obesity problems. Plus, dog parks are fun for humans too! A dog park is an amenity that attracts home buyers and fosters a sense of community. Asheville is full of dog lovers, and it needs great dog parks like other communities have!

Watch for more dog park news in our upcoming newsletters! There will be new ways to get involved. We’d love to hear from you, via email at nadogpark@gmail.com or by joining the Friends of North Asheville Dog Park Facebook page.