New Studies Reveal Your Pet’s Memory is Better than Previously Thought

Have you ever wondered what your dog or cat is thinking about? A series of new studies shows our pets may be more self-aware than previously believed. Rather than just having semantic memory – formed by facts and rules known by instinct or learned in order to survive – dogs and cats may also be able to remember specific events or experiences from their lives, which is called episodic memory.

Because we can’t just ask dogs if they can remember when they caught that squirrel at the park three years ago, researchers in Budapest used "Do-As-I-Do" training to investigate the way dogs remember what their owners ask them to do. Their results were intriguing. Read more here:

Your dog is watching you very carefully and remembers what you do

Training cats to "Do-As-I-Do" would be challenging. Instead, experimenters found a clever way of using food treats to see if cats could remember previous experiences. The experiments are described here:

Cats may have episodic memory like people, dogs