Nine-year-old Asks for Donations For Pets Instead of Birthday Presents

Nine-year-old Lindsey is a huge animal lover, so when it came time for her birthday this year she decided she wanted to do something special. Instead of the usual birthday presents, Lindsey asked that her friends donate items to our annual Pet Food Drive! Her friends responded very generously and Lindsey was able to donate lots and lots of food and other items.

When asked why she made this sacrifice, Lindsey said, “I thought about the poor animals in need and because I already have toys I decided to donate to the animals.”

Lindsey became aware of the plight of needy animals at a very young age. When she was four, her family adopted their second dog from a shelter. Lindsey’s mother Erica’s best friend volunteers with the Feline Freedom Coalition in Charleston. Lindsey has spent a lot of time at the Coalition observing and helping out. She has also volunteered at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue with her Girl Scouts troop. Lindsey is eager to take on more volunteer work at local shelters as she gets older.

Everyone at Animal Hospital of North Asheville is so impressed with Lindsey. She is obviously a very generous and caring girl with a loving heart. Many needy pets will not be hungry because of Lindsey’s contribution and the donations made in her name.

We salute you and thank you, Lindsey! And if the cats and dogs who you’ve helped could speak, they would thank you too. Just know that you are responsible for lots of purrs and tail wags!


We are so proud of you Lindsey for putting the needs of others ahead of your own wants. I can't wait to show this to Sophie and Phoebe! Keep up the good works! We love you!