North American Veterinary Conference

Drs. Dave and Betsy Thompson and Dr. Warren Riggle just got back from a full week of veterinary classes at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL. Don’t think “sun and fun” because they were in class every day from 6:30 AM until 7:00 PM. There is always so much to learn if you are going to keep your knowledge current, and we think nothing is better than learning about the latest in veterinary medicine! It is a great conference with thousands of veterinarians attending and more than 20 different classes going in three convention centers every hour. All licensed veterinarians in North Carolina are required to attend 20 hours of approved continuing education each year. At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we require 50 hours of continuing education each year and our veterinarians often exceed that amount. Nothing is more important than knowing the latest and best care!