North Asheville Dog Park Update

There was a very well attended meeting in the Meeting Room at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on the evening of March 4th. Julie Maccarin facilitated the meeting according to the agenda prepared and distributed by Nancy Alenier. City Councilman Chris Pelly was again present to report on the work being done to find and secure a location for the park. Bob Roepnack of Asheville Parks and Greenways gave an update on financial management of donations as our group will need a way to properly receive and manage funds once we move into fund raising for the park.  While the most daunting task continues to be locating suitable land in the northern part of Asheville within the city limits, much progress was made in organizing our group during the meeting.  Each person attending the meeting was encouraged to sign up for one of the following four committees:

1. Property Research and Investigations
2. Site Design Ideas
3. Fundraising
4. Promotions and Publicity

Each committee then met as a small group to discuss ideas and make plans.

The meeting was adjourned after it was decided that general meetings would occur on the first Monday of every other month with the committees meeting on the in-between months.  The next general meeting will be held in the Meeting Room of Animal Hospital of North Asheville on May 6th at 7:00 PM.  In the meantime, please contact us below with any ideas where a dog park could possibly be located in North Asheville. Also, anyone interested in joining a committee or desiring more information can contact Julie Maccarin or Nancy Alenier at  or Asheville City council Member Chris Pelly at  Join us on Facebook at


a possible location: I just discovered a low income apartment complex on Reynolds Mountain, just beyond Greentree Ridge rehab center. I can't imagine how the city found money to purchase what one would think must be prime real estate on Reynolds Mountain. The road seems to end at the apartment complex, with fields and woods above it. I don't know if it's feasible to level a parking lot for a dog park there, but I think it's worth taking a look at the area. It's like 5 minutes drive north of Beaver Lake.