October Dog Training Class - Teach your dog to come

Red Rover! Teach your dog to come whenever and wherever reliably!

Teach your dog to comeSaturdays from Oct. 3rd through Oct. 24th from 4-5pm
Taught by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed

Teaching your dog to come when called enthusiastically and immediately is an important skill every dog should learn. It might end up saving his or her life! Not only does a speedy recall allow your dog more fun and freedom, it gives you piece of mind that your dog will return when asked.

In this 4-week class, you will learn ways to build focus and a variety of techniques to teach a reliable recall, even around distractions. If you have already begun teaching coming when called, but having difficulty around distractions or if this is a new skill you want to teach your dog, this class is for you!


Upcoming Classes:
Saturdays, Oct. 3rd- Oct. 24th @ 4-5pm

Cost: $65

For more information or to download registration form, please go to Dog-ed.net/dogtraining.html