Pet Help Sessions - June 2014

How to Introduce a New Cat into Your Home

how to introduce a new cat into your homeAHNA Education Room - June 17th at 7pm

In recognition of June being Adopt-a-Cat Month, Animal Hospital of North Asheville will host a free, fun and informative Help Session on how to introduce a new cat into your home. You will learn the many things that you can do to decrease the stress of adjustment whether the new home already has pet family members or not. Come learn not only the right way to help cats learn to share their space with other pets, but also the ways you can make your home less stressful for your cat. Decreasing stress for your cat(s) is important because stress often results in behavior problems in cats. This Help Session will also be helpful to anyone who already has a cat who is not getting along  with your other pets.

Tristan Reiner of Pet Behavior Aid will be teaching the session.

No registration Required. Humans only, please.


Happy Together- How to Manage a Multi-Dog Household

multi-dog householdAHNA Education Room - June 24th at 7pm

Living in a multiple dog household has many rewards and benefits, but it also has its challenges.  In this free session, learn how to maximize the joy of living in a multi-dog household. You will be offered practical tips on how to decrease the demanding, competitive, overly-enthusiastic behaviors and increase the more polite and calm ones.

Registration is not required; this is a FREE event!

For more info contact Jenny at Dog-Ed or 989-1883