Pet Help Sessions - September 2014

Don't Leave Me! How to help your dog with separation anxiety.

Does your dog get stressed out and destroy household items when you leave the house? Do they eliminate or howl for hours the moment you step out the door to go to work? Do they become anxious at just the sight of you picking up your keys or putting your shoes on?

Join Tristan Rehner, CPDT-KA from Pet Behavior Aid is here to help! Learn tips and techniques to address the underlying issue and teach your dog to feel more calm and relaxed about being left alone.

This class is being presented free of charge on Tuesday, September 16th at 7:00 in the AHNA Education Room.

Dog Play: Learn what dogs are saying to one another when playing.

  • Does mounting really mean dominance?
  • Does your dog get targeted by other dogs?
  • Is your dog a bully or the play police?
  • Should small dogs play with larger dogs?
  • When should you step in to help your dog out?

Get these questions answered and much more by Jenny White, Certified Pet Dog Trainer of Dog-Ed. Reading a dog's body language is an important skill for anyone who has a dog. It helps keep a dog safe and allows for positive interactions with other canines at dog parks, day care, and in other social situations.

This class is being presented free of charge on Tuesday, September 23rd at 7:00 in the AHNA Education Room.

No registration is required for these free events.

These Help Sessions are for people only, so please leave your pets at home. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know to help your cat or dog. These Help Sessions are free to the public on a first come, first seated basis. Please be aware that Animal Hospital of North Asheville will be seeing patients while the Help Session is in progress, so some of our parking will be reserved for the families of patients needing care. Thank you for understanding.

In case of inclement weather, behavior Help Sessions will be cancelled. If you have any doubt whether the class will be held, check our Facebook page or call Animal Hospital of North Asheville at 828-253-3393