Pet Spotlight – Eiko

By: Eiko’s Mom, Anna Ferguson

Eiko Ferguson Robas is a German Shepherd with beautiful red/black/sable coloring. His parents, Anna Ferguson and Joe Robas of Hot Springs, NC, adopted him from Windy Hill Kennels near Nashville, Tennessee. Since coming into their lives at 8 weeks at 12.7lbs, he’s grown to 52.3 pounds at 5 months and growing every day. His mom swears she can see him grow while he is sleeping!

Eiko loves to chase butterflies and play in the river (see his first YouTube video here at, and he especially loves hiking at Max Patch. In his spare time he sleeps and looks cute! He loves Dr. Plankenhorn and Dr. Wootten, and the whole team at AHNA!

Eiko’s future plans include Therapy Dog Training, so that he can work with Mom while she does Therapeutic Yoga. His tricks already include sit, down, roll over, staying and “seeking” – finding a hidden treat somewhere in the woods that he calls his backyard. He recently took his first elevator ride and took it in stride! Eiko loves to play with other dogs and has a sunny, bright, inquisitive personality that is a continual source of joy to his family.

Make sure you don’t miss Eiko’s video! Click here to watch: Eiko plays in the river

Thank you to Eiko’s mom for writing this article and for sending this great video!