Pet Spotlight – Miracle Mac

By Mac’s owner, Debbie McDowell

My dog Mac was rescued when he was only 3-4 weeks old and was so covered with ticks and fleas that he almost bled to death. He was a determined little guy and with great medical care and love from people who adored him, he made it. He was diagnosed with severe allergies of unknown origin when he was about two and has coped with the itching, allergy testing, assortment of medications and shots ever since. He has torn his cornea twice, yet he just keeps on being wonderful.

Last Thanksgiving, Dr. Duncan diagnosed an inoperable tumor in his right front leg and amputation was the only option. “Miracle Mac”, as all the wonderful AHNA staff now call him, got through the surgery with flying colors and has adapted remarkably well to getting around on three legs. At 14, his sight and hearing are limited and his mobility is awkward, but on his birthday trip to the beach, (complete with new speedo just for the occasion!), he was a show stopper everywhere we went. Everyone wanted to pet him, find out about the missing limb and talk about how gentle and sweet he was.

He is truly a miracle and the center of our world. More thanks than I can possibly express to all of you there at AHNA for your state of the art medical care given in a remarkably loving, compassionate way. You are the best!!!

Update: We are saddened to say that Mac has now passed on. Mac will be greatly missed by all.


Dear Debbie, Your heart has to be so large and full of love even though it is hurting. Thank goodness you were there for Mac in his short yet inspirational life.
Nancy Merrill