Pet Spotlight – Spooner

Spooner is Raising Money for Canine Cancer.

By Spooner’s Mom, Gail Weams

Our dog, Spooner, just turned 7 in September. We have been privileged to live in his world since he was 6 weeks old. Oh – he had our hearts wrapped around him at first sight!

He has been a patient of Dr. Earley’s since that time. Spooner is in good health, just a few mishaps… playing too hard chasing/retrieving the ball and Frisbee caused him to have back-to-back tears of both his cranial cruciate ligaments. Dr. Earley’s attention to detail led him to discover his injury early, and we had the TTA surgeries at Upstate Veterinary Specialist on each knee. He had a quiet two years during the recovery, but is good as new now. We are so thankful.

Our family is involved in a lot of charitable work and believe strongly in giving back to our community and environment, so we try whenever possible to incorporate that into Spooner’s life as well. He has so much love to offer and has such a gentle sweet nature that it was only fitting to have him visit with young children at school and those still young at heart, just living with a little assistance in a group setting. The whole world is the apple of his eye! We were encouraged to participate in Paws for a Cause last year – a charity dog walk to help raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer as we have had several family members who lost their fight to cancer. Spooner rose to the occasion and sent out newsletters to all his friends, which resulted in him raising over $1200.00! He completed the walk just as he was recovering from his 1st knee surgery! We also have worked to raise money locally for Animal Compassion Network, hoping our contributions would enable families going through hard financial times to keep their pets.

Now Spooner is in a nationwide fundraising campaign for CANINE CANCER! That certainly tugged at our heart strings as we lost our Lab, Shag, to liver cancer. We will never forget that experience and loss. Shag was a best friend and companion. It felt as if he just lived to love us with seemingly limitless affection and unconditional love and loyalty. With every heartbeat we miss him and his physical presence in our lives, but his soul left a rainbow in our hearts and we will never ever stop loving him. So to honor Shag and all others who have lost their battle with cancer, we have begun the mission to do all we can to help cure canine cancer. It is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two, afflicting one in four! Those numbers were astonishing, so with that in mind we felt this would be our “charitable cause of choice” this year.

We all do so much to give them the best of everything, from their food, treats, toys, fluffy beds, day care and the best of medical care, so why not take the next big step and prevent them from undeserved pain, suffering, and premature death. I believe they are worth it as they embody all that we cherish in life: friendship. trust, family, and love, yet their lives are sadly so short. If Spooner could win a national contest such as this, I think that it could be used to bring much-needed local awareness to canine cancer.

Click here to help Spooner fight Canine Cancer and to vote/donate!


Lemme guess….Spooner doesn’t walk unless he wags. That seems to be a lab thing. And I think it’s great! Good for y’all, and good for Spooner. And here’s to Shag!