Pet Spotlight and Memorial - Becky

Becky, beloved pet of Karen Youncke, was a faithful and devoted friend. "She was my precious little girl. She was always there for me," says Karen. "I adopted her when she was 3-years-old from a Daschund rescue group. She was so patient and devoted to me. We did everything together. She especially loved to go walking on the Biltmore Estate. In fact, I couldn't say the word 'Biltmore' around her because she would get so excited. All the staff knew her there and she could walk and chase ducks, which was one of her favorite things to do. Even when she had to have a back operation and couldn't walk for a while, that didn't stop us from taking our walks together. I simply put her in a baby buggy and off we went. She loved that buggy."

Now that Becky is gone, Karen is fostering dogs in her home in Becky's memory. "I foster for Animal Compassion Network in order to honor and remember Becky. I just feel that where I am needed now is to help other dogs."

"Even at the end of her life she loved Dr. Riggle," remembers Karen. "She was very sick, but she would hear Dr. Riggle's voice and her tail would begin to wag. She knew that he took care of her. It was very difficult to lose her, especially since I could tell she was holding onto life for me. She didn't want me to suffer. During the last 4 months of her life we were at Animal Hospital of North Asheville a lot. We would go outside together in the secluded area that you can walk your dog. I noticed that there was no place to sit. After Becky passed I thought of donating a bench to the hospital in her honor. I like to think that the staff, clients and patients of AHNA can enjoy a quiet moment with their pet while sitting comfortably on Becky's bench."

A Note from everyone at Animal Hospital of North Asheville --- We are so grateful to have been a part of Becky's beautiful life. Karen and Becky's love for one another was a privilege to see and we are honored to have cared for Becky. We thank both Karen and Becky for their beautiful gift to our hospital. 

Dr. Riggle sitting on Becky's bench, donated by Karen Youncke.