Pet Spotlight: Sam the Superhero Kitty!

Last October, Mary Anne Witfield was asleep in her bed with her cat Samantha, also known as Sam, when she was startled awake. There was an intruder in her home and he was pulling her out of her bed.

“He was yelling and he began to shake me,” said Mary Anne, “and then out of my peripheral vision I saw a black shadow flying through the air. It was Sam! She attached herself to the man’s face and dug in her claws. She would not let go!”

The shock of the pain caused the intruder to release Mary Anne, but little Sam stayed firmly attached.

“I lead him out of my house through the front door. Sam didn’t budge. The man tried over and over to pull her off of his face, but she just dug her claws in deeper. Once he was out of my house he said ‘Would you please get your cat off of me?’ So I called to Sam and said it was okay to let go. She meowed and came to me. Sam and I went inside and I called the police.”

The intruder was never caught.

For months after the terrifying incident, Sam slept on top of Mary Anne at night. “I believe she was protecting me,” said Mary Anne. “She’s such a little cat, but she obviously doesn’t know that.”

Mary Anne is very grateful she decided to take Sam in. Mary Anne met Sam when she was running around Mary Anne’s neighborhood as a stray. Mary Anne put up fliers and called the local shelters and veterinarian offices. No one claimed Sam, so Mary Anne adopted her.

“She’s a very sweet cat,” said Mary Anne. “She’s my hero.”


Wonderful story...I have a 100 lb black shepherd that is a total wuss. A few years back my neighbor came down and angrily yelled at me and ultimately pushed me to the dog was hiding under the porch! I tell people she is all bark and no bite! Lucky to have such a brave little kitty-perhaps I would have let her stay attached as I called the police!