Puppy Preschool Is Back!

AHNA Puppy Preschool is back in session after a two month break due to a Canine Influenza outbreak in Buncombe County.  We invite AHNA puppy parents and their puppies to join us for this free puppy socialization session. These fun-filled sessions are for puppy parents and puppies from 8-16 weeks of age. Puppies must fulfill requirements (click below for the requirements), be free of any sign of illness, and register prior to class.  Puppies must be registered by 6:00 PM the Wednesday before their first class on Thursday. Spaces are limited.

Please note:  Each week that you bring your puppy to Puppy Preschool, you will have to sign a statement that your puppy is not showing any sign of illness including discharge from the eyes or nose, coughing, decreased or lack of appetite, lethargy, diarrhea or vomiting.  Additionally puppies cannot attend if they have been attended to by a daycare or boarding facility during the previous week.

Click Here to read more about Puppy Preschool 

Prior to registering for preschool, please familiarize yourself with Canine Influenza using the information and the links below.  The following paragraph is taken from a recent Animal Hospital of North Asheville newsletter:

We have seen a decrease in the number of respiratory cases at Animal Hospital of North Asheville in the last couple of weeks and feel there is much less danger of your dog being exposed to H3N2 influenza virus than there was in early July, but some danger does still exist. The reality is that no one can say for sure that there is no danger of your dog catching the influenza virus. Since there is no vaccine against H3N2 at this time, it is expected that the influenza virus will stay in the community and occur sporadically from this point forward. However, now that the danger has lessened, one must weigh the benefits of socialization and exercise for your dog against the danger of H3N2. To read more about the influenza risk please visit: http://www.ahna.net/blog/canine-influenza-update-asheville-and-wnc

To register for Puppy Preschool, please email ahnapuppypreschool@ahna.net to indicate your interest.  Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and your puppy’s name.

If you do not have email or prefer to call, please call Animal Hospital of North Asheville at: 253-3393.