Reflecting on the Old Year, Planning the New

Happy New Year one and all!  The beginning of a new year is a natural time to reflect on our blessings and plan the upcoming year. First of all, we are so thankful to have such wonderful, caring and kind clients!  We were treated like royalty during the holidays with so many goodies coming in for our staff.  Thank you so much! Additionally, we were especially moved by the outpouring of caring and the generosity of our clients in providing food, blankets, toys, and other items for our Holiday Food and Blanket Drive for needy pets.  We were thrilled that you met and surpassed our challenge that Animal Hospital of North Asheville would match the first 1000 pounds of food donated!  The donated food and blankets have already been delivered to Asheville Humane Society, Animal Compassion Network, and Brother Wolf, and we will be purchasing, dividing, and delivering at least another 1000 pounds of food a little later in January.  All three organizations were really thrilled to get the food and blankets. Since each delivery was so large, they were also excited to be getting the delivery of the 1000 pounds a little later, after they've used up what we took. Everyone should feel good that this food will help stretch the funds of the organizations so that more pets can be helped.  It really feels good on cold winter nights to know that these wonderful organizations are caring for pets that would otherwise be hungry and out in the cold with no shelter.  Thank you for your generous donations, and we thank all the wonderful people who work or volunteer for organizations that help needy animals!

We are excited about all the great things that will take place in 2012 at our hospital to bring better and better care to your pets! As most of you know, we are undergoing a total transformation of our facility to allow for separate treatment and ICU areas for cats, room for families that want to be with their pet, and room for all the equipment that we acquired during the last decade to bring state-of-the art care to your pet. It will be an amazing year!  Please plan to bring your pet(s) to the open house that we are tentatively planning for July 14th.  There will be lots to see and, of course, treats for your pet. 

Again thank you so much for entrusting the health care of your beloved pets to us and allowing us to share in the joy that they bring to your lives!  We love hearing all the wonderful details of your pets’ lives when you come in and all the wonderful pictures and stories that you paste on Facebook. We value your friendship, and nothing makes us happier than when a pet enjoys his or her visit with us and looks upon us as a friend! Our goal is always to provide the best care and keep your pet happy.