Sad Announcement: Dr. Goetz is Moving to New Mexico

Animal Hospital of North Asheville is sad to announce that Dr. Matt Goetz, who so many have grown to love during the past two years, has to move to New Mexico. Dr. Goetz’s wife Nellie, who is also a veterinarian and will soon have her Master’s Degree in Public Health, has a wonderful opportunity to work for both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Santa Fe Humane Society. Among other things, Nellie will be working to develop and put in place programs to improve the lives of needy animals on the Native American Reservations in New Mexico. Nellie’s passion is working at an administrative level to improve the lives of needy animals, so Dr. Goetz will be moving in order for her to further her career goals. All who have gotten to know Dr. Goetz know that his job here at AHNA is his dream job, so of course he really hates to leave. While his decision to leave was based on the importance of supporting Nellie, he shares her passion for helping needy animals and is happy to have found a job providing medical care to needy pets with the Santa Fe Humane Society. All of us at AHNA hate to see Matt leave and we wish him and Nellie the very best in their new roles. The Goetzes are known for their houseful of beloved pets, so we will all be thinking of them as they make the long car trip to New Mexico with so many pets.

Dr. Goetz wants all his clients to know how much he will miss them and how much he appreciated being entrusted with the care of their dearly loved pets. In his words: "Only because I adore my wife, can I bear to leave my clients and their pets, my "extended family" in Asheville."

In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to each one of Dr. Goetz’s clients to move the care of his patients to another of our veterinarians. Your pet can be moved to the veterinarian of your choosing or you can allow us to assist you in your choice. Dr. Goetz will remain available to our veterinarians for consultation by phone and email in order to provide that extra level of continuity of care during this transition time.


Wishing you all the best. We've been in Florida over a year now and still very much miss you and all the great people at AHNA.

Dr. Goetz,
I appreciate all the excellent care you have given to my pets over the past 2 years. I wish you and your wife the best of luck and happiness in your new careers in New Mexico! I understand it is beautiful country, so I hope you can do a little exploring once you are settled. Safe travels!
Sandra Johnston
Gus, Heidi, & Gracie

Best wishes to you and your family. Will never forget your loving care for Bebe in her last months of her very long kitty life.

Dr. Goetz- Your kindness and expertise will be very missed. You can always call Asheville home! Thank you for helping care for and navigate our dog Riley's health. We couldn't have made it without you!

My husband and I are so grateful to Dr. Goetz. When our dog, Bailey, was gravely ill, he worked for 1 hour and 45 minutes, much of this after hours, to help Bailey. He was so thorough and had so much compassion. Dr. Goetz, we will always remember how much you gave Bailey (and us) that night. Thank you so very much.

A sad farewell to a fantastic doctor! Dr Goetz, you have never had a "routine" visit with my pets due to a number of special needs dogs and we certainly tested your expertise! You passed with flying colors. Thank you for all the time & effort and, when sad times came, for your understanding and compassion. Now we will reluctantly share you with New Mexico but always remember you are an honorary N.C. Tarheel. Good luck---keep in touch on Facebook.

Lexie, Cody, Rosie and I just met you recently but will really miss you and your care. Very best wishes on the next leg of your journey in the southwest.
Lexie is doing well since her surgery and would be the first to give you a big joyful hello and then goodbye.

Dr. Goetz, The care given to Pops by Dr. Wriggle and yourself was absolutely amazing. Your understanding and kindness in dealing with the loss of our dear Pops eased the pain considerably. We're sorry that Junebug and Worthy will miss your skill and loving nature.
Our best wishes go with you on your move to New Mexico.
Come back soon!
The Tarletons

Dr. Goetz we just moved here and in one short visit you we knew you were the perfect fit for our Tango! We were so impressed with the level of service you gave him that night! Thank you and blessings to you and your family on your move!

We simply cannot thank you enough for the loving care you provided to our gravely ill Mr. B belore he died and to his much younger friends the "girls". We will miss you terribly but wish you all the very best in your lovely new home state. Be sure to check out the Jemez hot springs and Cafe Pasqual's in Santa Fe, among the wealth of hiking and outdoor adventures there. You always have a home here wherever you roam.