Second Anniversay of AHNA Puppy Preschool

This month we proudly celebrated the second anniversary of our AHNA Puppy Preschool. We were excited to welcome 107 puppies and their families to our preschool during the past year. Just like our puppies, we have grown, matured and expanded what we offer in class over the past two years. We feel fortunate to have had the best puppy families join us. The patience and care they have shown to their puppy and all the other puppies have helped build a foundation of socialization that will help carry the puppies through life. Socialization has many lifelong benefits which include positive appropriate social behaviors and feeling relaxed and calm in new situations or with new people.

Puppy socialization is essential for a well-adjusted, well behaved canine citizen. One of the lasting benefits that results from attending preschool is that many of the puppies LOVE coming to the hospital. They will happily run up to the door, and even sometimes pull their families towards the AHNA Education Room (where preschool is held), wiggling and wagging the whole time. Puppy preschool contributes to our goal of having our patients actually enjoy coming in for visits. Of course, we continue to offer positive reinforcement with treats and fun at every visit. Why do we want relaxed patients whenever it is possible?  Relaxed patients mean better medicine because we get more meaningful test results, patients heal better, and good patient cooperation allows us to provide the best care. Having our patients in a happy state when coming to the hospital makes the overall visit so much better for them.

Not only does puppy preschool provide the benefit of our patients enjoying their later visits, but it also helps them feel confident when they are out and about in the world. The main goal of our puppy socialization classes is to strengthen the bond and understanding between families and their puppy along with helping form healthy socialization skills.  We use positive activities aimed at encouraging investigation and interaction to stimulate the senses and build confidence.

It has been so exciting watching our preschoolers grow up and hearing the stories of how well they act in different situations. Several preschoolers have run into former classmates that they have not seen in months and the puppies recognize each other and play like they had just seen each other yesterday.

We want to thank all the families who have joined us over the past two years!  Thank you for giving of your time to bring your puppy to preschool and for your kindness to the other puppies in class.  Your patience and understanding with the shy or nervous puppies allowed them the time they needed to explore at their own pace. It was heartwarming to watch you celebrate their achievements as they gained confidence.  You allowed your puppies to play with each other, learn how to build friendships, and let personalities bloom. Your feedback has allowed us to grow and improve as a preschool. We thank you. We want to give a glimpse into the fun we’ve had this past year at preschool with this video. It showcases our preschoolers and several activities from class. Thank you for joining us. Enjoy!

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Are you interested in AHNA Puppy Preschool? Contact us today at 253-3393 or

Puppy Preschool is held Thursday nights from 7-8pm. It is open enrollment but puppies must be registered by Wednesday at 5pm the day before class. Space is limited.   

Each week we offer a different training/handling topic and exploration experience. We are not a basic training class; preschool is focused on puppy socialization with other puppies, new people and experiences. Puppies are welcome to join us once they fulfill our requirements and are between the ages of 8-16 weeks of age. For more information about AHNA Puppy Preschool, please visit and scroll over services and down to Puppy Preschool. There is a wealth of information that all puppy parents can benefit from.