Shop With Us and Save


Please don’t believe the advertisements for online pharmacies that state that their prices are “so much lower than your veterinarians sells them for”!  That is not true at Animal Hospital of North Asheville!  Please always check our prices before ordering online because we may actually save you money!  We price the same as the major online pharmacy on many of our products, and in addition, some manufacturers offer rebates and free doses when you purchase through a veterinarian.  Keep in mind, too, that guarantees made on some products will only be honored if you have purchased the product from a veterinarian.  If convenience is an issue, just call to purchase with a credit card, and we can mail most medications. When you purchase from us, even though the profit for us is small, that money goes to providing your pet with a great veterinary hospital and staff.  Shopping locally is best for the local economy-everyone benefits!


We appriciate all you do for the community and our Pets. Why would we want to support online paharmacy when you know our animals so well? The on line stores don't know what is the best for our Jake .

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much to everyone here at the hospital.

The AHNA Staff