A Special Thank You! Hurricane Florence Relief Effort

We want to send a special "Thank You" to everyone who donated to Hurricane Florence. Jodi Casher, one of our amazing Registered Veterinarian Technicians, was able to join Brittany, another amazing technician, from REACH to deliver your generous supplies to families and animals who were affected by Hurricane Florence near Wilmington, NC.

Jodi and Brittany spent the week helping organize, deliver supplies, and checking on animals. They helped feed, water, assess, and love on over 300 animals including many cats and chickens, a few dogs, sheep, ducks, and 1 pig.

Here are a few words from Jodi:

"Words cannot describe the devastation that occurred here. Entire homes were destroyed, at the very least needing to be purged of their entire contents to be cleared of mold and repaired. In many areas, the power has just now come back on so residents can return and assess the damage to their property. Many who stayed through the storm have only recently been able to leave their homes due to being flooded in."

"Even though many residents are now able to return to their homes, they cannot live in them. They are having to throw away all of their belongings and even strip their homes of drywall and insulation that was saturated by flood waters if their homes are still standing. Rebuilding and clean up will take a long time and many residents have lost everything."

"I am in awe of the resilience and positivity of these animals that weathered the storm and flooding. I am so grateful to be able to help, even if only for a few days. I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who donated both people and pet supplies. Everyone I have met has been incredibly thankful."

"A moment of reflection before returning to real life. I am still processing the wide scope of emotions felt this week after seeing firsthand the devastation that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Out of all of them, I think hope and resilience stand out. Every resident I met was incredibly grateful for any help towards the care of their animals during this difficult time and optimistic about rebuilding their homes and their lives. Neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, so much generosity - faith in humanity restored."

"It’s still not too late to donate! Every little bit helps!!"

Consider Donating to ROAR: Rural Organizing And Resilience​, located in Marshall, NC