Thank You For Helping Us Bring Hope Home!

On October 31st, our beloved Client Care Team member Norma lost her dog Hope in the Biltmore Village area. Hope escaped out of Norma's car and was so startled by the noise and traffic that she bolted.

We placed Hope's picture and information on Facebook and our AHNA Facebook family sprung into action! Over 300 people shared Hope's picture, people called local restaurants and hotels to alert them to look for Hope, and many of you actually drove and walked around the area looking for Hope. Hope, however, is a very shy dog and was running away from everyone, even Norma.  Then Dr. Riggle sent Norma this link: and it opened her eyes to a different approach.  

When a good Samaritan called Norma on November 3rd and told her that Hope was in her backyard, Carla and Norma drove to the area.  Norma and one of her other Jack Russells, Jake, walked around, looking quietly. Carla drove Norma's truck and out of the corner of her eye spotted a small white head peeking out from behind a bush. Using the techniques from Pooch and Claws, she crunched a crinkly bag and made "Yum Yum" sounds, totally avoiding eye contact. Slowly and patiently she lured Hope closer to the truck, crinkling and yumming and tossing treats. In she jumped! Carla took one step towards her and OUT she jumped. She jumped onto the hood of the truck and then fell off. Carla could tell she really wanted to be inside the cab, so Carla slid into the truck, rolled up the windows and said "let's go!" IN she jumped, and in she stayed. Hallelujah!! It was a reunion full of tears and joy. When Hope saw Norma she lit up with happiness - and vice versa!

Here is a letter from Norma, expressing her gratitude to all of you:

Words cannot  express how grateful I am to each and every one of you for your prayers, kind words and watchful eyes when my girl went missing. You will never know how much it meant to me to know you were looking for her, telling others about her and offering to even "put up bail money" for me if needed. Your response both during and after this adventure has touched me deeply. Hope and I thank you and will be forever grateful. A special thank you goes out to our clients Sue and John Jensen who spent many hours helping us find Hope. - Norma


Hi Norma!

Words cannot express my joy and thankfulness for you and Hope! I just learned of your miracle story in the newsletter this morning. Had I known, I would have happily searched, but know you had an abundance of support and love. Please know how very, very happy I am for both of you.

With love and hugs,
Linda (Sophie Margaret's Mom)

Norma,you have ben there for me so many times during the past 25 years with my little guys and it's been a blessing.I believe that what you give others always comes back to you and,in this case,even though I did not know about your lost little pup,it did.I am SOoooooo happy for you and your little dog! I know how I would feel if I ever lost Teddi so I can easily feel your pain and your joy.What an awesome holiday gift for you to get her back safe and sound!

Great story.Thanks for sharing.
Donna and Teddi