Together We Can Provide The Best Low-Stress Veterinary Visits!

We strive to provide the highest level of medical and emotional care for our patients. By working together, we can provide the best low-stress veterinary visits.  Did you know a great visit starts at home before you leave for your appointment and continues until your furry friend returns home again?
We understand that new places and new people can be worrisome to many cats and dogs, so we strive to decrease their fear, stress, and anxiety. With your help, we can help develop a pre-visit plan that we will continue to build upon at each visit. The goal is to minimize fear, stress, and anxiety and prevent increased concerns for the future.

Before your visit:

  • Visit A Fear Free Visit and learn how to have a Fear Free visit that starts at home. Many simple things can be done to help start the trip off right along with options for supplements or medications that can help in cats and dogs with a higher level of stress, fear, and anxiety. 
  • When scheduling an appointment, let us know if your pet is worried or gets carsick, anxious or fearful in new places, or with new people or animals. Let us know what your pet likes (favorite treats, entrance preference, etc.) Let us know your concerns, and we can help devise a plan to help avoid build-up of stress, fear or anxiety. Together we can help make veterinary visits better!