An Update from Magic's Family

Many of you have asked for an update on Magic, the poodle that was rescued by Asheville Humane Society and treated here at Animal Hospital of North Asheville. Click HERE to see photos of Magic happy in his new life!

An update from Magic's family:

Magic has come a long way since you all saved his life.  He's developing his own personality, likes and dislikes, but above all, has become a daddy's boy. 

As soon as we arrived in Florida, I signed up for group classes through my dog club, Tailwagger's, and also worked with a private trainer. Magic participated in 6-week classes in basic agility, body awareness and conditioning, nose work, and introductory classes in tracking, rally and treiball. We attempted lure coursing and dock diving but the day we went the machines broke right before our turn for lure coursing, and the lake was being drained, hence no dock diving. Magic earned his Canine Good Citizen title and also his Therapy Dog International title.

Magic loves the beach, and has had fun at doggie adventure day camp.

So I've been a busy doggie-mum, because besides taking Magic to classes, Marley has been to other classes also. I volunteer for events through my dog club and also at a local dog shelter. In a few weeks I'll be taking an 8-hour emergency dog first-aid class.

Love to all,
Suzanne and her boys, Georgie, Magic and Marley