Video of Hex the Amazing Puppy

Please watch the video below to see Hex’s amazing spirit and the lovely bond she has with all the people who helped her. Hex is an amazing pup!


What a sweet little girl! Her courage and will to live had me in tears!

Thank you to all for valuing life and for giving of your time,expertise,amd love.It speaks of true generosity of spirit and is a wonderful testament to all that can be accomplished when people work together.

Thank you to AHNA, REACH, and the Asheville Fire Department for giving this little girl her life back. Dr. Duncan, as always you are amazing. Best wishes to Hex in her new family!

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story can't say I'm dry eyed after viewing but at least the tears are because of the joy of knowing someone gave Hex a chance such a precious life . You are all awesome and the best fur ball angels anyone could ever ask for. God bless you all for all you do and the love and support that is so genuine. Thank you for taking care of Hex

What a wonderful story. I'm so happy to hear Hex will live a good life in her forever home. Each person that took the time and had the patience to help Hex recover deserves a huge thank you!