We’re moving out our paper files!

Electronic Medical Records

Animal Hospital of North Asheville has been computerized since 1981 when we were the first multi-user, multi-tasking veterinary practice in the US, and we have had complete electronic medical records since 2004.

Our patients benefit from electronic medical records because these records provide a very complete, legible, and orderly record with history, plan and treatment that can easily be sent out by email for immediate consultations with specialists. Also, any doctor in our practice can easily take over a case when the primary doctor has to be out of the office and there is no change in the level of care when a case is transferred. When new patients join us, their records are scanned into our system so that all previous history is available. Additionally, there is never the problem of a misplaced paper record and your pet’s picture is always present on the record, which further eliminates any chance of confusion.

Animal Hospital of North Asheville has 40 computer workstations where a patient’s medical record can be viewed simultaneously. Our doctors can also use their computers at home to sign into our system. Some examples of how having a large number of work stations helps to provide better, more efficient care:

  • The lab can be working on your pet’s test results while the doctor is still with you in the exam room
  • The ward nurse can send information about a hospitalized patient to the doctors while they are at their desks
  • A doctor can check a patient’s record from home to be sure that things are going smoothly.

Our lab equipment, our reference lab and our radiographs all integrate into our electronic medical records. Our Eklin digital x-ray and our telemedicine capabilities allow Board Certified radiologists at various universities and locations to read x-rays whenever needed. Additionally, AHNA has RAID5 protection (five redundant hard drives) in our servers so your pet’s medical record is constantly stored and updated off-site. This means that in the case of a fire or natural disaster, your pet’s medical record will not be damaged.

At AHNA, we want to provide the best care for your pet with our electronic medical record system, but we are also proud that by being a paperless practice we are able to help the environment and provide care more affordably for you due to the efficiency that the records provide our staff!


Roberta and I have been very pleased with your services for Gracie, our nearly 12-year old cocker spaniel.
If we put her in a kennel elsewhere when we are on a trip, I trust they could contact you via the Net to get her shots info??? I am not a computer whiz, so did you give a Net address for such a kennel to contact when we travel? Thanks.