We Are Always Learning

Dr. Dave Thompson and our Dental Hygienist, Dana Raphaelle, have just returned from learning even more about the best of dental care for your pet. Dr. Dave spends every day performing dental exams and dental surgery at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, so he frequently attends special dental classes to be sure he is always staying current in the latest information and surgical techniques. This three day program of classes and hands-on labs was the Veterinary Dental Forum that approximately 1000 veterinarians and technical staff attended in Boston. A couple of Dr. Dave’s favorite classes were Lightspeed Rotary Endodontics and Advanced Obturation Techniques. Dana attended all sorts of classes on new cleaning techniques and identifying oral pathology. After three intense days of learning, both Dr. Dave and Dana came back excited about all they had learned and eager to get back to work.

Kelly C. and Sharon, two of our Registered Veterinary Technicians, attended Ralph Lee’s Great Smokies Veterinary Conference that took place on the 26th-30th of October and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kelly came back excited to have learned new gentle techniques to reduce stress in cats who are undergoing procedures. She came back with new knowledge on a variety other of subjects as well, of which radiographic positioning and the treatment of feline obesity were favorites. Sharon, who works in our surgery, concentrated her time on anesthetic topics and enjoyed, among other things, learning more about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, blood gas analysis, and new techniques for nerve blocks. Thank you, Kelly C. and Sharon for bringing new information back to AHNA!