We Are Sad to Say Goodbye

With great regret, we announce the loss of our grand old silver maple. This wonderful tree presided over Beaverdam Road for an estimated 150 years, providing shade and habitat for many.

In 1998, when we expanded the Animal Hospital, even though we were advised that the tree was very old and perhaps nearing life’s end, we wanted to preserve this majestic tree. In order to give the tree its best chance for survival, we sought advice from Quality Forward and from other arborists on how to care for it. We hoped that the recommended infusions, aerating of the soil, feedings, and watering would give our tree many more years of life. We were honored when our tree was designated as a Treasured Tree by Quality Forward and appeared in their calendar, but in spite of our efforts, we watched the tree gradually decline. Through the years we cared for it carefully, but several trimmings to remove dead wood were necessary. It has declined rapidly this year, so with great reluctance we had to consider the advice that was being given to us to remove the tree rather than trim the dead wood again. As our trimmer stated, “There would be almost nothing left if I took out all the limbs posing danger to people and pets below.”

Reluctant to say good bye to the tree, we sought the advice of Susan Roderick of Asheville Greenworks (formerly Quality Forward). After it was examined by the arborist that Susan sent, she told us, “It is certainly sad to have to cut down a Treasured Tree, but this tree is dying and presents a danger to people passing near it.” We greatly appreciate Susan’s help in coming to terms with this decision.

To honor the grand old tree, we plan to have a frame made of the wood from the tree and use it for a picture of the majestic tree taken before the recent decline. Additionally, we will, of course, be planting a new tree that generations to come can enjoy.


I am sad, but not surprised, to hear this news… was just thinking the last time i saw it that this was a grand lady in decline.

as neighbors, we appreciate your efforts to save this glorious tree.

I am heartened to hear of your valiant and costly efforts and your attention. Do not ever think that your position and actions have gone unnoticed. Thank you!

Mocha, Abbey, T.C., Purry Mason, David & Heather

One day when I had a sick pet and went to the hospital before they opened and had to wait a bit we sat under that tree enjoying the bench and the shade it provided. It will be missed!