Welcome Back Dr. Earley!

Dr. Jim Earley returns to Animal Hospital of North Asheville Dr. Earley is Returning to AHNA!

Note: The photos in this article are old. Now that Dr. Earley is returning we will soon have new pictures!

We are happy to announce that Dr. Jim Earley will be returning to practice at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on September 2nd. After 15 years at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, Dr. Earley moved to West Virginia in November, 2013, in order to care for aging family members. During his years at AHNA, Jim was known for always learning and always being on the forefront of technology. He proved himself to be an outstanding veterinarian who exhibited great affection and the utmost consideration for his patients. The staff and doctors of AHNA are excited to welcome him back!

A few words from Jim:

Hi Everybody! After two years in West Virginia, I am so happy to be coming home to Asheville.  Asheville is a special place to me in so many ways. I have missed the many friends (both human and furry) I have made here over the years and look forward to catching up. Animal Hospital of North Asheville is my veterinary home.  I have missed the patients, the clients, and everyone at AHNA and can’t wait to get back.

Dr. Jim Earley returns to Animal Hospital of North Asheville

For those of you who are not already familiar with Jim, his bio and pictures are below.  

Jim Earley spent his childhood on a lake in Georgia with two brothers and their lucky Labrador Retrievers. The boys and the dogs were always together and the dogs were joyous participants of all sorts of antics in the water. In high school, Jim’s curious mind and affinity for science resulted in numerous awards in science and at science fairs. He pursued his love of science at the University of Georgia as an undergraduate and graduated with a B.S in biology in 1986.  Veterinary medicine was a natural career choice because it combined his love of animals and science. Dr. Earley was accepted into the Veterinary College at the University of Georgia, graduating Cum Laude in 1991 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  Even though it was not required, Jim wanted to learn even more, so he applied to and was accepted into the rotating internship program in small animal medicine and surgery at Texas A&M University where he furthered his knowledge of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jim Earley returns to Animal Hospital of North Asheville After completing his internship, Jim entered into private practice in Birmingham, AL where he cared for patients for six years. In 1998, Jim joined the team at Animal Hospital of North Asheville and devoted himself to his patients for 15 years before making the necessary move to West Virginia to better care for family members. While in West Virginia, Jim practiced in Huntington, WV until he returned home to Asheville and AHNA.

Jim’s special interests are ultrasound, endoscopy, cardiology, ophthalmology and surgery. He also loves general practice because he enjoys getting to know people and helping them prevent problems and diseases in all stages of their pets’ lives. Jim enjoys the challenges that veterinary medicine present each day as he tries to give the very best care to each patient. He believes that each pet is a special and unique being and knows that likewise, each pet’s illness may require special expertise to make a diagnosis. Jim is thrilled by the advances that have been made in veterinary medicine and enjoys always keeping up with what is new. Most of all, he is happy that so many people today, especially in Asheville, recognize and appreciate the important role that pets play in our lives.

Dr. Earley is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, Asheville Humane Society Leadership Circle, American Veterinary Medical Association, and the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Earley and his wife Georgia have five beloved pets. Their pets are their kids and there is absolutely nothing that he would not do for them. Each of their kids is a rescue and each has a great story of how they came to live with Georgia and Jim. At present, the Earley clan includes four dogs and only one cat (an unusually low number). When not at work, he enjoys fly fishing, mountain bike riding and grilling.


This was the first email I opened rhis morning, and no matter what the NYT has in store for me next, it's going to be a good day;-). So very thrilled you are back! Always hoped it would happen.

Welcome back, Dr. Earley! Your pet and human friends have missed you!
Sara Davis (mom to Maggie and Bindi, now deceased, and Mokie-very much alive.)

We are so happy to hear you are returning, you have been missed. Bailey said he is starting his diet today so you will be proud of him!!

Peyton, or Super Dog, which you named him the first time we brought him in During the month of Feb. 2003, and and Phil and I are thrilled to have you back in Asheville , and returning to the best clinic in the South East. Welcome home!
Joan Atwood and Peyton

Welcome back, Dr. Earley. So glad to have you back in Asheville!

I am so happy to hear that you are back at AHNA! You provided such loving care for our cocker, Abraham and the compassion you showered us with when the time came to make very tough decision will never be forgotten. We now have two 2-year old cockers, Baxter & Scarlett. I'm sure we will be seeing you!

Prayers do get answered! The Johnston clan ( human and furry) have missed you! We are so glad you decided to come back when you were able to do so. Welcome home!!

What wonderful news!! So glad he is coming back to Asheville and more importantly to AHNE.

Omg, I have tears running down my leg!!!!!! I will see you w
Wednesday around noon, missed you sooooo much. HUGS

Lucky, lucky, lucky AHNA and lucky clients, as well -- to be able to welcome you back, Dr. Earley. Smart, kind, compassionate, and always willing to go the extra mile - you are a stellar veterinarian and an equally stellar human-being. (With kind regards, and in memory of my beautiful Joey-dog.)

So glad to hear you are back! I am sure the clients and the team at North Asheville are all celebrating.