Why I Love My Pet Contest Finalists and Winners

Many of us have been lucky enough to share a special bond with one or more pets. Each one has something special and unique about them. So we asked - "Why do you love your pet?" in our first ever "Why Do You Love Your Pet" original artwork contest.

We were very impressed with all the talented artists who submitted artwork and what makes their pet special.  We wanted to share our finalists and their inspirations.

Adult Category:

Winner: "TC"
Artist: Irene Heckel-Volpe 
Medium: Fiberart                        
Why I Love My Pet –

I had and have multiple pets, but TC was one of my “heart” cats.  We bottle raised him from 2 weeks old and he was always a constant companion for me.  He had a wonderful sweet side – would jump on my shoulder when I asked “Where is TC?”, he would answer the phone (by knocking it off the hook and then jumping down to listen to who was talking). He was also the cat that would “adopt” new cats when they came into our home and make them feel welcome by snuggling with them or cleaning them. I had him for 17 wonderful years (lost him in August 2018) and wish he was still here to spread sunshine in my life…. Miss you so very much my handsome, gentle friend!!
Irene has always been inspired by needle felting. She not only teaches needle felting but sells her artwork. TC's picture is special to Irene beyond the love of the craft. 
"When TC got sick with his kidney issue, you guys gave it your all and I know that he did too, so when he crossed the bridge, doing his fiber painting, for myself this time, it was my therapy to help me grieve.  It also gave me even more empathy for the humans that I do some of these artworks for.  It is comforting to look and see them there every day even if only visually."
You can see more of Irene Heckel's Originals at www.ireneheckeloriginals.com. Congratulations Irene!

Runners Up: 


Artist: Nava Lubelski
Medium: Paint
"I love my pet because he plays harder than anyone ever!"
We first met Coyote at his puppy visit with Dr. Garner. Coyote joined us at AHNA Puppy Preschool.  It is easy to see he is the happiest puppy who loves to play. He is pure joy.
Nava is a talented artist. You can see more of Nava's art at www.navalubelski.com

Artist: Katie Hopey
Medium: Watercolor and Pen
"I love Tonks because she is a gentle giant. She loves everyone she meets. She may be a couch potato, but even at 7-years-old, she has a lot of spunk left! She is very gentle and patient with our almost 3-year-old son... Even when he is not so gentle with her!"
Tonks and Katie have a special bond that we at AHNA love to see when they are together. 

Kids Category

Our finalists for the kids division are not only very close in age but also very close in votes. Both artists, Olivia and Lexi are very talented. Both girls have loved drawing and making art ever since they were little. Both Lexi and Olivia have thought about growing up to be a veterinarian. 
But what we loved the most is the love they put in their drawings showcasing why they love their pet(s).   
Winner: Tattles, Ranger, and Gilbert
Artist: Olivia Bright

"I love my pets because I have two dogs and a cat. One of my dogs are named Ranger. I love him because he protects me and my family. My other dog is named Gilbert he is the sweetest dog in the world. My cat named Tattle's she kills mice and is sweet but not as sweet as Gilbert." 

Runner up: Penny
Artist:  Lexi and Penny

"Penny is a wonderful dog, she loves Dr. Loveless. She is smart & cute and has a wonderful personality towards everyone. Thank You AHNA!" 

Thanks to everyone who submitted their beautiful artwork!