You Choose Your Veterinarian

Which Veterinarian at Animal Hospital of North Asheville will my pet be seeing? YOU choose the veterinarian for your pet.

We offer your pet the intimacy that a small practice offers, while also being able to offer the knowledge, equipment, and conveniences that a multi-doctor practice can provide. Most of our clients want their pet to be seen primarily by one veterinarian so that doctor can really get to know their pet and their family. Our veterinarians enjoy being there for your pets from puppy or kitten-hood until they become old. Not only is the close relationship that develops rewarding, it means that there is the best continuity of care for your pets, and your pets feel more at ease.


We recently started a new initiative of asking each client which veterinarian they want to choose as the primary veterinarian for their pet. Your pet’s electronic medical record is then flagged with the primary veterinarian’s name of your choosing, and each time you call to make an appointment, the Client Care Representative will do her best to schedule the appointment with your pet’s primary veterinarian. Of course, there will be times that your pet’s primary veterinarian will be off duty or busy in surgery, but if your pet needs care, one of our other veterinarians can give your pet the best of care. Our veterinarians discuss cases in rounds, are very familiar with each other’s cases, and with our excellent electronic medical records, there will be good continuity of care. Once your pet’s primary veterinarian is back on duty, he or she will review everything that transpired and follow up with you on the care.


Our eight veterinarians work as a team and completely understand that you may later decide to change your pet to another of our veterinarians. They are all accustomed to our clients changing from one veterinarian to another and work well with that. All you have to do if you would like to change is just ask a Client Care Representative to make the change. If you want to see different veterinarians each time, that is fine, too. Just make the request. We always believe that the pet’s family knows what is best for the pet they love and care for.


Susan Wootten is the most outstanding veterinarian I’ve interacted with in the close to 30 years that I’ve had pets. She really won me over when my Sophie cat had a severe imbalance problem and Susan was willing to get down on the floor with her to examine her walking impairment. She definitely comes from the heart. She gets my vote.

I have been bringing my pets to AHNA from the 70’s. I used to live close to the hospital. Now, I drive from the South of town to bring caterwauling OSH’s for the most outstanding skilled and compassionate care I can imagine. Of course, I bring my Greyhound, also, but she keeps her own counsel.
Our preferred and primary veterinarian is the one and only, Jim Earley! This does not mean that I don’t have confidence in each vet there. I believe you all function as a well-orchestrated team, for which I am extremely grateful. I mean to include all staff in the latter. Thank you for being there for us, through laughter and tears!