Dental Care of Cats & Why it is Different

“Cats are not small dogs,” is a common expression used by professors in veterinary schools to emphasize to students that cats are medically unique.  Our dental talk on cats will further emphasize that cats get exotic diseases.  Many feline oral diseases are different from oral diseases that occur in dogs and people.  The goal of veterinary dentistry for cats is extremely basic.  Cats should have comfortable mouths that are not infected.    Unfortunately, the majority of cats have not reached this goal. 



  • Inflammation treatment with a natural supplement
  • Periodontal disease, “cat cavities,” and stomatitis
  • What your cat experiences during a professional dental cleaning
  • A frank discussion about anesthesia
  • Home care that is easy for you and your cat and how to do it  
  • Tour the AHNA state-of-the-art dental suite


I can't make it on Tuesday, March 10 to attend the cat dental care discussion. Would you be willing to forward me some notes? I brush my dog's teeth though I'm now very curious about what to do with kitty. Thank you! Bonnie