Life After Preschool: Activities

Canine's Good Citizen's (CGC): Started in 1989, the CGC Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. It helps to lay a great foundation for other activities such as obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events. 

K9 Scent Games: Games that allow a dog to use his or her nose is to open the world of scent. These games will mentally and physically stimulate dogs and they can be played indoors. It is a great way to have fun with your dog.

Agility: A dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives, and the handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles. It is a fun way to bond with your dog.

Obedience: Obedience training ranges from very basic training, such as teaching the dog to reliably respond to basic commands such as "sit", "down", "come", and "stay", to high-level competition where additional commands, accuracy, and performance are scored and judged. This is one of the best things you can do with your dog, provided you seek out a trainer with proper credentials ( see trainer list).

Rally: A dog sport that is based on obedience. Unlike regular obedience, instead of waiting for the judge's orders, the competitors proceed around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The course consists of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team on what to do. Unlike traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs during the course. It is a combination of obedience and agility.

Dock Diving: Is a dog sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water.

Hiking: An activity that is a great way to bond and burn energy. Hiking can include short trips on local trails or extended trips on such trails as the Appalachian Trail. For tips on hiking with your dog, visit: and

Camp Unleashed: Asheville: This is a weekend retreat in a beautiful setting that is limited to 50 people and their dogs. It is a combination of daily activities and presentations by dog professionals.

Therapy Dogs: Pet therapy is an evidence-based complementary modality offered to aid in reducing feelings of stress and anxiety for people in medical facilities. Studies have shown the presence of pets has a positive effect on human physiology, decreasing blood pressure and reducing heart rate. Contact Paws on a Mission

Disc Dogs: ("Frisbee dogs") Handler and dog compete in events in distance catching and choreographed, freestyle catching. It is a great way to play fetch with your dog.

NC Search and Rescue: (NCSARDA) North Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association is a volunteer search and rescue resource provider to fire, rescue, emergency management, and law enforcement agencies. For more information: