Chico was an amazing part of our lives.  He came into Julie’s life back when he was about 4 years old and has been nothing but a great companion ever since then.  Chico was full of so much love and fun!  It was awesome coming home to the excitement of Chico, or riding in the car with Chico, or when Chico came to work with his dad, it made the work day at Ace Hardware just that much more enjoyable!  Chico was such a sweet little boy, he loved visiting Folly Beach in the summers or just being comfy on the couch.  If it could be made into a comfy spot, Chico certainly could do it!  Cuddling with Chico will be missed. 

Dr. Golden and the entire team at AHNA really did an amazing job with Chico.  We had our first scare back May 2013 with Chico’s congestive heart failure and we were all able to pull him through it and then with some meds and lots of love we were able to spend more than 6 more months with him.  We couldn’t have done it without Dr. Golden and the team at AHNA.  Chico never seemed nervous visiting AHNA, he always seemed calm and relaxed, he never had the “shakes” like he would do when he was nervous.  You guys were so caring and compassionate through all of Chico’s care and when the time came to say goodbye, we really felt like you guys cared as much as we did.

Chico, you will be missed by many, we think about you every day, but we know you’re in our hearts and that we’ll see you again one day in Heaven!


Chico’s Mom & Dad
Julie & Erik Young