We were blessed with Curry in our lives in 2004, when she was (we think) about 3 years old…we never really knew how old she was because she lived with 2 families and had a rough life before she came to live with us.  She melted our hearts from the moment Rachel brought her home and immediately became a ‘daddy’s girl’, latching on to Bryan from day one.  The other luckiest twist of fate for her was that she came under the care of Dr. Plankenhorn and Nurse Cindy from almost the first day she came to live with us.

Curry was a relatively healthy kitty for most of her life, but in the summer of 2010 developed a kidney infection; the early sign of a disease that could have been either long or short term.  Fortunately, she bounced back within a month and stabilized fairly well for a long time.  Even though she had troubles eating and needed medicine occasionally, she fought hard and loved us even more for trying to help keep her as healthy as possible.

Shortly after the New Year, Curry’s health declined again and even though we held out hope and said many prayers, she began to let us know in her own ways that she was ready to go play with her other friends who had gone before her.

She impacted so many people and gave so much love while she was with us… she even helped turn my (Bryan’s) father into a bit of a cat person himself.  She also had a stable of ‘kitty sitters’ (or staff) ready to stay with her (who loved her very much too) in the house when we were gone… she was never alone.

For those who are going through what we have experienced, we offer that it has been very helpful for us to go back and look at old photos and videos of Curry and see her when she was young, spry and healthy.  We have a digital photo frame scrolling through photos of her in our house, and it makes us stop and smile (or cry… it happens too).  The important thing is to celebrate her life and keep those good memories alive.

Bryan and Rachel White