Max Morsell

R.I.P. Max Morsell 4/28/02 7/25/14. You were the best dog ever. You never did anything wrong... well there was that one rocking chair that was reduced to splinters when you were a puppy...

But as well as being the best, smartest, and most loyal family dog, you were the best livestock guardian dog too - you did the Great Pyrenees breed proud. From the moment you walked onto our property, as the world's biggest 9-week-old puppy, your goat, geese, and chicken charges never had anything to worry about! I remember you even chasing the hawks back into the sky keeping the birds safe. And the baby geese you tirelessly kept moving out of the open pasture and keeping them safe.

I have to share my 3 favorite "Lassie" stories on you: My favorite one was when you found "Daddy's" glasses. That day when the tree fell on our band-new fence... and as Fred threw that last branch over the newly repaired fence knocking his glasses off with it... there we all were standing knee-deep in leaf litter carefully hunting, and as we were about to give up - there you were 20 feet away nosing something out of the leaves. We could hardly believe it was the glasses! 

Then when we went hiking on the TN border - and as we got out of the car a German Shepherd came running up threatening Fred and Flint, the Corgi dog. You stood between them and the aggressive dog, threw out your chest and let out a huge bark that sent Rin-Tin-Tin packing back across the street. When we returned from that hike Rin-Tin-Tin came back across the street toward us but thought better of it when he saw you and went right back to his porch!

Then when poor old Gisela, our German Shorthaired Pointer, was getting weak and old and she disappeared one night when we let her out... We searched, the fenced 10 acres of woods, where we lived, for hours. We finally had to give up for the night... and at first light, you came tearing up to us barking, as we were going in the wrong direction again... You took us down in the woods where she had fallen in a tree root ball hole and her back end was too weak for her to get up. There right next to her was a giant dog-shaped depression in the dirt - and we knew you had stayed with her all night keeping her warm.

Max you were an exceptional, beautiful, brilliant dog and a very special member of this family and will live on in our hearts forever. We are so blessed to have had you in our lives.

The decision we made for you today was the hardest we have ever had to make. It broke our hearts. Your poor body was worn out. I know you are at the bridge where Audrey, Monty, Gisela, and many other great dogs are waiting for you. I know you are barking nice and loud again since that awful Laryngeal Paralysis robbed you of your voice here. We love you Max. Love, Your Family