My husband and I rescued Nala as a puppy when she was dropped off on my parents' dirt road. Since we already had our boxer mix Bailey, we decided to bring Nala into our family. She was a great companion. She was the biggest lap dog ever and could curl up into the tiniest little ball. Once my son came along, she was the biggest protector of him. She would lay next to him on her back on his play mat and look up at the toys he was playing with. And now that my son is 4, they were best buds. She slept outside of his closed bedroom door at night.

Last week we made the extremely difficult decision to put her down, 9 years to the month since we got her, due to rapidly declining mental health that couldn't be helped with medication. After confirming with Dr. Wootten that we made the right decision, we came in on Saturday morning. The room for the procedure was so nice, not sterile like an exam room. The bed for Nala, which had fresh flowers placed on it, was more comfortable than my own bed. It was clear by the reactions of each staff member we came across that they were all equally as heartbroken as we were. Dr. Wootten was amazing. She explained everything that would happen every step of the way and was so respectful of Nala after she was gone. She hugged both my husband and myself before we left and you could tell she was incredibly genuine. While this was the hardest, most gut wrenching thing I've ever had to do, it was the most pleasant experience it could have been.

A few days after Nala was gone we got a nice package from AHNA with a laminated poem with Nala's name on the bottom and a handwritten card from Dr. Wootten sending condolences for our loss. It was a wonderful gift. I wanted to thank AHNA and Dr. Wootten for taking care of our Nala (and our Bailey who's still at home) for the last 3 years all the way until the end. It means the world to our family to have such caring, understanding and supportive people to help take care of our fur babies.

Thank you again,
Kristen and Rick Loftis