Tucker Hicks

Tucker Hicks, 11 1/2 years old went to Heaven July 5 2017, surrounded by people he loved. Susan Wooten, Linda, and Mom and Dad. 

He was our "it" dog, as a friend put it. An integral part of our little pack. He was the smartest, most charming, sweetest dog we have ever had. He loved his life and we loved our life with him in it. He was all about joy in everything and did everything with great conviction. He knew how to love and how to accept it. Eating, fetching, running, sleeping, cuddling....all done with great presence. His presence is extremely missed.

He would want you to know that he loved his vet team at AHNA and has been the happy patient of Drs Duncan, Plankenhorn, and a few others. He enjoyed all of the staff very much. But his main love was Susan Wooten and he always felt looked after (and was) by her. So did his parents.  

We look forward to being with him again but in the meantime, we are beyond grateful for the love and care given to our boy.  Thank you, AHNA!!