Puppy Preschool in Asheville

**All Puppy Preschool information and handouts are available at the bottom of this page.

Our goal for your puppy in our Puppy Preschool is the formation of healthy social skills through positive activities aimed at encouraging investigation and interaction in a non-threatening environment.  We will be working with you to socialize your puppy to other people, other puppies, and common situations. Proper socialization at a young age is essential for a well-adjusted, well behaved pet. Additionally, we aim to strengthen the bond between families and their puppy by sharing information and answering questions as to how you can avoid the development of behavior problems. Handouts will be available on avoiding and solving many behavior and health problems.

Young puppies have a very special time period from the age of three to sixteen weeks during which their experiences form lasting social behaviors. During this important period, it is critical for puppies to have many positive experiences with new people, sights, smells and sounds. These positive experiences will help your dog to be more comfortable and relaxed in many new situations later in life. Sadly, many dogs who are not socialized during this period develop behavior problems and end up relinquished by their families. It is essential to get your young puppy familiar with common types of people, animals, sights, sounds, grooming and physical handling that will be part of daily life.

We have a few requirements to help maintain a healthy and happy Puppy Preschool.

  • Puppies can attend preschool while they are 8-16 weeks old
  • Puppies must live in your home for at least ten days before their first preschool class
  • All puppies must have received at least their first physical exam at Animal Hospital of North Asheville and have received their first DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenzana and parvo virus) and at least 10 days before their first preschool class. Bordetella vaccination must be given at least 2 days before the first class. 
  • At each class, you must certify that your puppy is not showing any signs of illness such as: lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, ocular or nasal discharge, loss of appetite, etc. Puppies who have recently had any type of surgery should return to class only after finishing the instructed recovery period.
  • Come ready to have fun and learn new things!

This is a FREE socialization session. It is not an obedience class but we can recommend trainers to help with basic manners and behavioral issues. Puppy Preschool is held in the Education Room at AHNA and is set up so that puppies can socialize with similar size puppies. Each puppy parent is expected to be watchful and attentive to their puppy at all times, but the play is also supervised by our Preschool Teachers.
Please notify us, you if you are interested in joining Puppy Preschool. Please sign up for Puppy Preschool during your puppy's exam visit or call 828-253-3393 prior to class. Spaces fill up quickly so please sign up early. Please call to notify us if there is even one class that you are unable to attend so that we can fill the space for that night.

Please have your puppy wear a regular (flat nylon or leather) collar to class. Please keep your puppy on a short four to six-foot leash when entering class until instructed otherwise. Please, no Flexi/retractable leashes, choke collars, chains or shock collars. We will supply treats for positive reinforcement during preschool, but please feel free to bring your puppy's normal food/treats as young puppies may get an upset tummy after new foods.

Puppy Preschool will be held from 
7:00-8:00 PM on Thursdays.
Ask a friendly staff member about signing up!     

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