Kelly Brown, AAS, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician, Kelly Brown, has provided skilled care for pets at AHNA since 1987. During her many years at AHNA, Kelly has been a leader, teacher and support system among the technicians. She is skilled in all areas of Patient Care: general surgery, dental surgery, emergency care, treatments including K-laser, in-hospital patient care and very knowledgeable in care and maintenance of our in-house laboratory machines. Kelly is working to become a certified Fear Free Professional.

Kelly grew up with many pets and learned to respect and deeply care for animals at an early age. She enjoys making a difference in the lives of pets and their families and likes giving back to the community through wildlife rehabilitation. Over the years, Kelly has saved the lives of hundreds to thousands of orphaned and injured wild animals, tenderly caring for them 24 hours a day whenever needed. Her heart is as big as they come. She is a true patient advocate.

In her spare time, Kelly can be found reading, working on her farm, spending time with her own beloved pets and horseback riding. Her home is filled with a lively group of animals. She enjoys the companionship of her three dogs, Insomuch, Evermore, and T Spoon; her horses, Copper and Ellie; her miniature donkey with a big personality, Eeyore; her cats, Mior, Sassy, and Tasslehoff; and an assortment of chickens.