Sierra Petitt, BS

Sierra Petit joined us after majoring in biology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Before working at AHNA, Sierra learned a great deal while caring for reptiles, amphibians and mammals at the Chattanooga Aquarium.  We feel fortunate that her deep love for animals and her genuine compassion for people brought her to us as an Exam Room Assistant.  Sierra enjoys explaining care that pets need and knows that her job allows her to make the lives of her patients better.

Sierra adores her own pets, so totally understands the importance of each pet in the life of a family. She shares her home with Jasper and Toothless. Jasper is a large and naturally well behaved older Catahoula Leopard Dog and Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix who she rescued. Toothless is a rescued, three-legged black cat who got his name from the movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Sierra’s pets are like children to her and it shows in that they have best of toys.

Sierra says, “I love animals of all kinds, so getting to learn more about veterinary care and the opportunity to work with pets all day long makes work not feel so much like work! I really enjoy working with the great AHNA staff, too.” Sierra is working on becoming Fear Free certified.