Vicki Plath, AAS

Fear Free Certified Vicki Plath is our indispensable Pharmacy Technician, a position which combines Vicki’s experience & knowledge as a human pharmacy technician and her passion for helping animals. Vicki is excited to be working to become Fear Free Certified.  Vicki’s AHNA coworkers describe her as a kind, friendly person who is conscientious and meticulously accurate in her work. Vicki’s life with pets has included everything from canaries to canines, and she’s thrilled to be a part of our AHNA team.

Currently, Vicki shares her home with a sweet German Shepherd named Rex, a handsome long-haired cat named Squirrel, and one dove named Nate.  Oh, and we can’t forget the humans in the family—Vicki’s husband, adult son, and best of all—two grandbabies!