AHNA Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

My husband and my husband and I are retired, so we do have great freedom when scheduling appointments (always with "our family's vet", Dr. Amy Plankenhorn). Also because we are regular clients (for 16 years), we could take advantage of the special Saturday hours. But I always felt badly for persons who worked and for whom Saturday is the only day when they were able to get health care for their pets, or for persons who had an emergency and came to AHNA for the first time  - only to find it closed early on Saturdays.

So far we have had no emergencies that brought us over from Tennessee as a "work in" - mostly because we take very watchful care of our animals which helps us avoid emergencies. But we have appreciated the extended evening hours and we now appreciate the extended Saturday hours too - just in case!

AHNA just keeps getting better and better and better - well worth the investment of gas and over 3 hours travel time round trip each time we come over from Tennessee! (Our address is Del Rio, and there is a dot on the map called Del Rio - but we have a 12+ mile ride through the mountains on "mountain roads" before we get to that dot!)

We are sooooo thankful that someone told us about AHNA and recommended Dr. Plankenhorn. We feel we have the PERFECT vet - and that is not an idle comment - the then available local vets in 1997 caused our Illinois vet (during a frantic call to him) to recommend we go to UT's Veterinary School Clinic - which we did for awhile and we received good care for our pets. But we needed what we were used to having - an EXCELLENT vet who both knew us and knew our animals! We found what we were looking for - and more - a place with many capabilities and a great back-up staff for the clinicians!

Jeanne M. Daniels / Donald W. Schmied
"Del Rio", Tennessee