AHNA’s Only Client

I am the sole client and my pets are the only patients!  Well, that’s how I feel whenever I enter the Animal Hospital of North Asheville.  After a whole-hearted greeting from the staff, I eventually become aware that there are several other pets with their humans there as well.  As others arrive, they too are warmly welcomed by members of the Client Care Team. AHNA makes you feel very special and the staff exceeds the highest level of thoughtfulness by phone, or in person. 

Soon, a member of the Patient Care Team, also known as a Vet Tech, appears, and then approaches, not me, but my pet…as it should be. The tech is so comforting that my pet is less nervous to be at the veterinary office. 

The Management Team (keeping that fabulous hospital humming), Client Care Team, Patient Care Team, and of course, the remarkable Veterinarians all make AHNA “a keeper!”  Thank you for such wonderful care for close to 20 years!

Sue Jensen

Photo: “My Pack” with permission from Flying Dogs Photography