AHNA is Superior

We brought our first puppy to AHNA in 1986, and now twenty-seven years later, we cannot imagine entrusting our pets' healthcare to anyone other than this family of dedicated doctors, technicians, and client care staff. They are constantly involving themselves in continuing education to bring the most cutting-edge technology in treatments for our pets. Above all, it is the beautiful spirit that is felt when one enters those doors... the warm greeting and assistance from the client care team is always appreciated, as are the tasty treats for our dogs.

This is a place where everyone is made to feel like family because of their gifts of genuine concern and compassion. As busy as the doctors are, each of them finds the time to call and check on a patient at home, or have a phone consult with an out-of-town vet if something happens away from home. As most families, we have had our share of tense times when both human and pet have health crises at the same time. Dr. Jim Earley certainly made such a situation easier for us when he attended to our little Papillon, Roxie, in her last days while my husband underwent quadruple bypass surgery. He has brought our daughter's Shih Tzu, Barley, through many tough times after diagnosing him with Cushing's disease and treating him surgically for bladder stones. Our miniature Poodle, Daisy, is feeling great due to his treatment for her congenital liver condition. You can see that our family definitely needs the brilliant diagnostician!

Someone once said that "a business is only as strong as its weakest link". Well, AHNA is superior because the team of doctors is supported and assisted by well-trained specialty technicians who are experienced, dedicated, and compassionate. I can use the same adjectives to describe the wonderful client care team who have multiple responsibilities, but always take the time to make everyone feel welcome.

Much appreciation from Terrie and Dale Groce and Kristina Groce Brown