Being Able to Stay With My Dogs Reduces Stress

Emily, our six-year-old Brittany, had to have surgery to remove a suspicious tumor. Dr. Plankenhorn told me I could come sit with her after she woke up. I was so thankful to be able to be with her and hold her until she was ready to go home. While I sat with Emily in the glass enclosure I could see everything the doctors and the techs were doing with the pets. I was so pleased, though not surprised, to see how kind, loving and gentle everyone was with the animals. While I sat with Emily, Dr. Betsy Thompson stopped by. She said how much it benefits the animals to have a parent with them in the recovery room. I told her I wasn't sure who benefited the most, Emily or me :)

We have four dogs whom we take to the AHNA. A couple of them get anxious and nervous in new settings. When they are taken for any type of procedure in the treatment areas, I go with them. What a huge blessing (for everyone) to be able to do this! This significantly reduces the stress level for the dogs and me.

Another stress-reducer is the fact that as many times as I have called (and with so many dogs, it can be a lot) my call has ALWAYS been answered by a person.

I LOVE knowing that the AHNA is committed to providing excellent care to not only my dogs, but to me as well. Everyone we have ever encountered there has been awesome!

Thanks so much!
The Cody Family - Cathy, Emily, Lacey, Penny and Champ