The Best in the Country

Dr. Duncan, Dorothy and AHNA staff,

Charley so appreciated being a "featured" pet this month! (*Note: Charley was featured in our newsletter.) He is a proud fellow and seems to be strutting around and holding his head a little higher now that he has reached "celebrity" status! Charley and I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Paul Duncan and AHNA; Charley is my third rescue dog, living in three different states and having several different veterinarians over the years. We (Charley and I) have never been so warmly welcomed by a staff and most importantly by his DVM, Dr. Duncan and his nurse, Dorothy. Dr. Duncan established an immediate rapport with Charley (and me) and I could sense from Charley an easy, relaxed feeling as if he had made a new friend. He had a new DVM, second to none, a hospital and staff to match, where he would receive the best medical care. 

Charley is a new "patient" at AHNA and I must admit I have never witnessed/been exposed to such a welcoming atmosphere by every staff member we came in contact with during our visit and tour. During our getting acquainted session and examination, Dr. Duncan and Dorothy wanted to know all of his background, everything I knew about him, a thorough examination, much information communicated to me with regard to Charley, his medications and the hospital. To be invited on a tour of the hospital was a first; to know that I can check on Charley should he be hospitalized, visit him, spend the night if necessary was a comfort to me - and an invitation that I had never been given before by a veterinarian hospital. 

The technology/diagnostic equipment available to the "clients" has to be the best in the country - most impressive! A touching moment during the tour was looking through the observation window of the surgery room and seeing a nurse sitting on the floor with a dog wrapped in blankets who had had surgery and was coming out of the anesthesia. The nurse was gently rubbing him as he began to wake up and at that moment I knew what a caring, loving staff there was at AHNA; what a deep down, good feeling I had knowing that pet could be my Charley waking up from surgery one day and I know he is going to have someone right there with him as he wakes up.

I have revisited in my mind many, many times our first visit and am still in awe of your incredible hospital and especially Dr. Duncan. Charley had a tough first nine months of his life and I have tried to make up for those months during the six years I have had him; he gives back a 1000% every day. He is so giving, full of love, full of life, my best friend, buddy, traveling companion and just an all around true "Southern Gentleman"! During the six years I have had him, I have never had a secure, safe and comforting feeling, with regard to his medical needs, until I walked out of AHNA and his visit with Dr. Duncan; I knew I had found the very best hospital and DVM to take care of his medical needs. 

My sincere gratitude, appreciation, trust, admiration and respect is given to each staff member at AHNA for the love and medical care you provide for all the animals who are entrusted to you. You are to be commended and should know how much you are appreciated by the ones who cannot speak for themselves, as well as their owners.

I apologize if this email seems like I am jumping all around but I am writing from the heart; I should have written a more formal thank you, but when I received this email today, I could not wait to simply get all the wonderful things that have been stirring around inside of me since Charley's visit and my fingers just started touching the keys on the keyboard! 

Again, my heartfelt thanks to each of you!

Charley and Dale King