The Best Vet / Hospital in Asheville

We were in Asheville last week - early March! We took both Maddy and Busby to a dog park - which I've done numerous times before.

Two days later, I noticed she was holding up her rear hind leg. Lameness -I've now since learned is the classic first symptom of Lyme disease in dogs. Anyway, I thought she had hurt her foot, and so looked for something in her pad. Nothing.

Six hours later, she had trouble going down the stairs.  Now, I was getting concerned. But she had 'shifted legs' in terms of the lameness. Another classic sign.

In bed, that night, she cuddled so tightly to me that I knew something was wrong. She seemed so depressed - DEFINITELY not my Maddy. Again, another classic sign.

When I woke the following morning, with her on my chest, and tried to stand her on the bed, she couldn't support herself and collapsed.

ZOOM! Called the best vet/hospital in Asheville and we were seen within the hour. We were blessed to have found one of the best veterinarian clinics in the region and a vet who Paul and I think walks on water, Dr. Susan Wootten.

Went through the litany of questions - yes, she was still eating well and drinking water - no, no signs of diarrhea or vomiting. Then, a complete exam with the first FRIGHTENING diagnosis that Maddy might have a neurological problem. MY HEART SANK!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, it was time to give our story.  Me, well, I just jumped right to the morning's events. Then, as only Paul could do, he gently interrupted me and using his wonderful internal medicine expertise, he gave Dr. Wootten a history of Maddy, her activities and her behavior over the last THREE DAYS.

After Dr. Wootten had heard the WHOLE history - from Paul - she started the lab tests - and speculated Maddy might have contracted Lyme disease.


Maddy was given Doxycycline and Deramaxx - an anti-inflammatory for a week.

4 hours later -She's sitting.

6 hours later, she can slowly walk on the lawn and do her business.#1 and

Next morning, she's walking down the stairs and walking on the lawn.

By that afternoon, she's 80% back to her old self.

By the 3rd day - a miraculous change.  She's back! All of her.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Wootten and the staff at the Animal Hospital of Asheville.

I had no clues about the symptoms of Lyme disease - and NEVER expected ticks to be a problem in early March. And, I was SO impressed with Dr. Wootten's thoroughness, her bedside manner, her follow up and again more follow up.

Hugs and singin' your praises,
Laura Temple

Note: Maddy is a rare Lucas Terrier - there are only 300 in the world!