Biscuits, spray cheese and lots of kisses!

Biscuits, spray cheese, lots of kisses. Those are some of the things that come to our minds when we think about AHNA. We get so excited when we get near AHNA, even if the humans are just running an errand or going to the grocery store. We are so sure all those wonderful friendly professionals would just love to see us. After all, we are made to feel like the most important dogs in the world, even though we know there are hundreds who feel the same way, (and cats too), but we don't know much about cats.

Not only does AHNA provide the highest quality of professional care, but every effort is made to make "our" experience the very  best it can be. Thanks to each and every one of you who make AHNA the most unique and caring atmosphere two little dogs could wish for. We frankly feel very secure knowing that no matter what happens, we have friends that can make it all better.

Our mom and dad have told us about what great care Dr. Earley and the whole staff  provided for Skipper, our dear departed brother. He had cancer and because of the compassion and skill of everyone at AHNA, chemotherapy  allowed him to have a pretty normal life until the end, which was made very special by the care and compassion shown at a very difficult time. Just another reason AHNA is tops on our list.

Keep it up guys, we love you!!

Snapper and Meg Schoen